The Three Little Pigs

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Platform Theatre
9th – 22nd December 2014

Written by Lewis Hetherington
Director – Matt Addicott
Design – Claire Halleran
Lighting – Lizzie Powell
Music – Michael John McCarthy
Production/Stage Manager – David Sneddon
Deputy Stage Manager – Nicola Todd
Assistant stage managers – Jenny Kassner & Abbi Dawson

The Three Little Pigs have never got along. They are one very unhappy family! Now they’re all grown up they have moved out with little houses of their own.
They are all tucked up safe against the cold winter snow. Until…a very mean Wolf comes along and changes everything!
Will the Pigs escape the wolf? Will they find somewhere to live? Will they ever stop arguing with each other? Come and join us as we find out all about the Pigs and watch and laugh along as they try to have themselves a merry little Christmas, whatever it takes!