The Girl & The Bunny

Tron 100 (Rehearsed Reading),
24th August 2016
Tron Theatre

Written by Melanie Combe
Directed by Nicola Todd

The Girl and the Bunny is a psychological thriller which deals with issues surrounding gender identity and psychological trauma.  After a horrific car accident in which her brother dies, “the Girl” finds herself in an institution under the care of a doctor who uses alternative methods to treat her psychosis.

This is an ambitious and experimental piece of theatre that attempts to show an alternative understanding of the world around us. The audience is pulled into the internal world of The Girl, and offered an immersive and visceral experience. This is not a comfortable play where the audience can remain detached spectators, but rather it is an exploration of our internal worlds, and what happens when trauma shatters our perception of reality.

The initial script was developed as part of the Tron Theatre’s Tron 100 Rehearsed Readings in August 2016.