Edwin Morgan’s Dreams & Other Nightmares





Tron Theatre Company
24th July – 2nd August 2014

Written by Liz Lochhead
Director – Andy Arnold
Assistant Director – Nicola Todd
Designer – Kirsty McCabe
Sound Designer – Ross Brown
Stage Manager – Laura Walshe

Photography by John Johnston

Edwin Morgan’s last room in a nursing home in the West End of Glasgow. Everything’s reduced to the barest essentials, just a bed, a wheelchair and a desk. On a dark ordinary Friday afternoon in winter, middle-aged James, the poet’s biographer, friend and helper, there to do routine admin with the frail eighty seven year old, hears this urgent question from a deeply disturbed Morgan, who then recounts a series of vivid dreams, nightmares in fact, which have been disturbing him.

Images, poems, remembered lovers, regrets, rough trade, propositions accepted or avoided, truths, desires and lives surround the bed. James, the listener, is disturbed too, trapped in his task like a reluctant interpreter/psychiatrist/amateur Freudian.