A Bench at the Edge

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11th – 13th June 2015
The Steamie, Govanhill Baths

Written by Luigi Jannuzzi
Director – Nicola Todd
Dramaturg – Elspeth Sweatman
Designer – Fraser Lappin
Sound Designer – Davie Green
Stage Manager – Andrea McAlonan
Creative Associate – Rachel D’Arcy

Photography by Chris Todd

“Depending on how you use it, I guess, thought is our salvation and our damnation.”

A Bench at the Edge was Luigi Jannuzzi’s debut play. It is an abstract, avant-garde two-hander which explores ideas surrounding life, death, suicide and the abyss. It probes at the dark shadows of society, asking what drives people to the edge and what makes them want to keep on living.

From the outset the focus is on the friction between two lost souls peering over the edge. The dialogue is provocative as the characters reason and wrestle with morality and each other, demonstrating the fragility of the human condition.

Jannuzzi’s play is beguiling and serves as a jumping off point, veering from the risible to the commonplace, delighting in the absurdity of everyday life. Its contemporary resonance lies in its unflinching exploration of current concerns regarding the damage people are capable of inflicting on themselves and on others.

A Bench at the Edge is the first full-length production from Glasgow-based CROSSFADE Theatre. Our ambition is to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage young people in the local community to engage with the theatre medium and to open up about their own experiences.