The Homecoming

Govanhill Theatre
9th – 12th March 2016
Rags to Riches Studio, Govanhill Baths.

Written by Harold Pinter
Director – Nicola Todd
Producer – Bruce Downie
Designer – Christopher Todd

We haven’t had a woman in the house. Not one. Inside this house. And I’ll tell you why. Because their mother’s image was so dear any other woman would have… tarnished it.

Arriving unannounced in the middle of the night, estranged son Teddy returns home to introduce his wife to his family. His father, Max, the ageing but tyrannical patriarch of the family home, Teddy’s two younger brothers and uncle Sam have lived without a woman in the house since the death of the boys’ mother. Ruth quickly becomes the centre of attention, and the family dynamic becomes increasingly disturbed as a sinister struggle for power ensues.